A Family Stroll

I’m fairly certain this family sufficiently spoiled me – I know I have never encountered such close and loving siblings before this one. And that’s not to exclude the littlest lady – she was all smiles for me as well. What a fun morning spent taking a stroll with this gorgeous, inside and out, family.Liles 35Liles 50Liles 56Liles 46aLiles 43Liles 39Liles 38aLiles 33 Liles 26 Liles 20aLiles 10 Liles 17a Liles 4

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Settling In At Home

After having been lucky enough to meet this little guy at his most new in the hospital, I loved spending the afternoon with this new family of three (or four, depending on who you ask… see the proud older puppy brother). The brand-new parents were so relaxed and took everything with their sweet little guy in stride… I only wish I had been so laid-back as a new mom.Sam newborn 81Sam newborn 14Sam newborn 16aSam newborn 30Sam newborn 34Sam newborn 55 Sam newborn 69Sam newborn 93aSam newborn 4a Sam newborn 90Sam newborn 85aSam newborn 82aSam newborn 78a Sam newborn 76 Sam newborn 72 Sam newborn 63 Sam newborn 61 Sam newborn 54a Sam newborn 48 Sam newborn 44 Sam newborn 41 Sam newborn 39a Sam newborn 30 Sam newborn 28a Sam newborn 26 Sam newborn 24 Sam newborn 23 Sam newborn 18 Sam newborn 11 Sam newborn 9

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Such Sweet Newness

Even though these hospital newborn sessions are the least planned, there is something incredibly beautiful about photographing an hours-old baby and his (or her) parents in the environment where they first met. This sweet little guy stole my heart with his adorably huge yawns and cuddly personality. Thanks, A family for letting me capture this glimpse of your family.Sam hospital 13Sam hospital 2Sam hospital 7Sam hospital 36a Sam hospital 41Sam hospital 18Sam hospital 5 Sam hospital 9a Sam hospital 11a Sam hospital 14a Sam hospital 16a Sam hospital 24a Sam hospital 26a Sam hospital 29 Sam hospital 31 Sam hospital 32 Sam hospital 33a Sam hospital 42a Sam hospital 44a Sam hospital 49a Sam hospital 50

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Saying Farewell to the Neighborhood

Mix a sweet family excited for an adventure in their new home (too many farewell sessions these days!) and some favorite costumes and boots and umbrellas on a suddenly rainy afternoon, and you’re certain to get one of the most memorable sessions. I felt like such a celebrity being followed around by my personal umbrella-holder. Thanks, R family, you will absolutely be missed!

Ross 9

Ross 5

Ross 8aRoss 20 Ross 26 Ross 28 Ross 43 Ross 45a Ross 54

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