Just Add a Puppy

Somehow I have just won the lottery on having photogenic clients and friends – and those with impeccable taste.  I don’t really even have words to describe this gorgeous family and one heck of a sweet puppy (though she’s not much of a puppy anymore!) who was such a great sport.  We had a perfect evening to run around, and by the end of it, I think we had managed to tire out both the toddler and pooch.

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A Family Stroll

I’m fairly certain this family sufficiently spoiled me – I know I have never encountered such close and loving siblings before this one. And that’s not to exclude the littlest lady – she was all smiles for me as well. What a fun morning spent taking a stroll with this gorgeous, inside and out, family.Liles 35Liles 50Liles 56Liles 46aLiles 43Liles 39Liles 38aLiles 33 Liles 26 Liles 20aLiles 10 Liles 17a Liles 4

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One Sweet Little Guy

This little guy’s sweet face and expressions had me smiling the entire time I got to spend with him. He was such a sweet one – and was truly happiest sitting on momma’s lap reading books. What an inquisitive little buddy and such devoted parents – we had a wonderful morning at the park together.
Freeman 72aFreeman 4Freeman 7Freeman 8aFreeman 10Freeman 13aFreeman 14Freeman 16Freeman 21aFreeman 27Freeman 46aFreeman 54aFreeman 98aFreeman 76 Freeman 84a Freeman 89 Freeman 90 Freeman 93

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Strolling around Old Town

I am absolutely not one of those people who is easy in front of the camera (which is why you will always find me either behind it or trying to GET behind it) so when I come across someone who is, I’m always a bit envious.  This family was one of those – from the second I arrived at their shoot, there was no doubt that this family would be easy to photograph and they didn’t disappoint.  We had a great morning spent exploring the old cobblestone streets of Old Town together.

M family7

Myers 9

Myers 12a

Myers 13

Myers 19

Myers 27

Myers 43aMyers 38

Myers 44

Myers 59Myers 55

Myers 81a

Myers 84

Myers 86a

Myers 94Myers 89

Myers 97

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Welcome Home!!

In early August, thanks to a wonderful organization I’m a part of, Welcome Them Home, I had the opportunity to photograph a soldier’s homecoming at Dulles International Airport. To say this was the biggest moment of my photography career thus far would be an understatement. I could not be more grateful to him and his family for their service and sacrifice and can’t wait to have the chance to participate in another family’s happy reunion.

Welcome home, soldier!  And thanks for a job well-done.

Andrew 1 Andrew 7 Andrew 12 Andrew 13 Andrew 14 Andrew 17 Andrew 21 Andrew 24a Andrew 27 Andrew 30 Andrew 33 Andrew 36 Andrew 38 Andrew 40 Andrew 41 Andrew 46 Andrew 47a Andrew 60a Andrew 66a Andrew 72 Andrew 78a Andrew 80 Andrew 91a Andrew 93 Andrew 97 Andrew 106 Andrew 109a Andrew 111

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I have SO much to update around here including where I’ve been for the past couple of months and a couple of sessions that I did before my ‘maternity leave’… but I’m slowly taking on a few clients for the remainder of the year and had to share this happy shot that I got this past weekend. Maybe it’s because I’m the mom of a boy (and a girl, now, too!) but this image just melts my heart.Hann TEST

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